ader) - BELGIUM

I am 1st kyu and I practice judo in the prestigious J.C. Louvierois in Belgium which has the particularity of offering a possibility to everyone, to develop their own potential in accordance with the fundamental principles that govern judo. I had the honor of participating in the beautiful island of Malta, the exchange project between young European judoka: "change for life trough sport" and to the project "empowering ourselves to empower youth" which aimed to develop tools to improve the skills of people who work directly with young people, to engage more effectively with disadvantaged young people and to contribute to their development through sport.

My hobbies are Reading books - going to the cinema - attending cultural activities (concerts, theatre, exhibitions) - meeting friends - having physical activities (Practising a sport, doing gymnastics, walking)

Brittany Cardon - BELGIUM

I am 15 years old and I come from Belgium more precisely from the region of Mons. My hobbies are the practice of judo and running.

I've been doing judo for 10 years, I've started since the age of six. In 2015, I had the chance to become a champion of Belgium. Since I train 6 times a week and weekend I participate in competitions both nationally and internationally.

Emilien Desoignies - BELGIUM

The judo is an art which fascinates me since my youngest age, moves closer to me to my family and inspires me very in everyday life.

Indeed, educator specialised training(formation), the values of the judo are the foundations of my psychology and contributed to the making of me the man who I am.

Gabriel Vandegar - BELGIUM

Hello, I am Gabriel, my friends call me gabe, I am 17, still in high school, I am black belt at judo, unfortunately, I recently tore my ligaments ... so I will take pictures for the Belgium team

I have studied In Texas last year, so I speak fluently English and I am really excited about coming to Malta !

Johann Marechal - BELGIUM

I come from Liège in Belgium. I study the roof, it is a craft that suits me because we are all the time outside and it's a varied work.

I began judo four years ago because I was looking for a sport to release the tension and get to channel me. I think I made the right choice because it worked and as a bonus, I bit into it and became a fan of competitions.

Seraphin Valentin - BELGIUM

I am 14 years old, I study at the royal Aenee of Chenee. I do judo since but 6 years, I am first kyu

Ragne Varblane - ESTONIA (Leader)

My hobbies are music, running, rollerblading, cooking. But my real passions are judo and medicine. Sport
has been a part of me since I remember. But I actually started my judo "career" quite late. Now almost eleven years later I am a judo coach for a 5-7 year old kindergarten children. And judo really has become a way of life. 

After finishing sport gymnasium in Tallinn at 2011, I went university to study nursing. Now I am an intensive care nurse in ICU. Also I'm a medic at judo competitions and other sport events. I have done some volunteering in sport events like Trismile triathlon, World Cup in skiing and some judo world cups that has taken place in Tallinn.
Artjom Sergejev - ESTONIA

Hobbies: Travelling, Music

Judo Background: I was born into a judo family. At the age of 4 I started training judo. Once I became a champion of Estonia. Unfortunately, at the age of 15 I was injured and could not continue training.

Employment: Now I do refereeing and work as an assistant coach, but next year I am going to continue my studies at the university.

Eliisabet Veermets - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Judo, crafting, basketball, movies, cycling. I started doing Judo 1 year ago. I very like Judo and I take it seriously. I want to get better in Judo.

I am a student in Viljandi Jakobsoni Kool (Viljandi, Estonia). I am studying in 7'th grade.

Laura Silde - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Swimming, music, languages, tennis, basketball. In 2009 (when I was 7 years old) I started training in Judo. But 1 year later I stopped and started playing tennis. Then half year later I started swimming. In 2016 I stopped and went back to Judo because I felt it was the best hobby for me. I have been in Judo for 1 year now. But I don't want to quit anymore and I know I made the wrong decision. Soo far I've been really good at Judo.

I am a student in Viljandi Jakobsoni Kool (Viljandi, Estonia). I am studying in 7'th grade.

Paul Schifrin - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Judo, music, football. I first went to a judo practise when I was 6 years old. My teacher at kindergarten asked me one day if I would like to give it a try. Then I was pretty doubtful whether I would enjoy it, but I soon fell in love with the beautiful sport and have been practising it ever since. I have also been an official on the tatami and have given judo lessons to kindergarten children.

Raino Laan - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Judo, fishing and music. I started judo training when I was 11 years old. I have been doing four years in judo. Workouts is three times a week. I started judo that, deal to protect myself and also find a new friends.

The first competition when I was 12 years old and I got the first place. I have competed in club competitions, where I won a lot of medals.

Silver Känna - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Judo and Football. I started doing Judo when I was 7 years old and started football when I was 9 or 10 years old. I had trained 8 years. Now I have a blue belt. My coach said that I am really good in Judo. I think this is my life. I can't go away in Judo. I tried to go but my brain said that go back or something. I love competitions very very much.
I am a student in Tartu Forseliuse Kool. I am studying in 8th grade.

Triinu-Liis Sepp - ESTONIA

My hobbies are Judo, music and books. I started with judo when I was 8 years old and this year now is 9th in judo. In 2012 I won first place in Estonian championships and this year I won 2nd place. I have participated in international competition in Poland and in Austria.

I finished children music school with the violin and now I am studing it in G. Ots nominal Tallinn Music Conservatory. Whole basic school I got from Free Waldorfschool of Viljandi. Now I am studing in 10th grade in the Viljandi Gymnasium.


Satu Lehikoinen - FINLAND (Leader)

I started judo when I was 9 years old. So I have been doing judo for over 20 years. I stopped competing two years ago. After that I've been doing different kinds of sports, like gymnastics, weight lifting, skating, swimming etc. I think all kind of hobbies and sports are good for you and that's a great way to find new friends and learn many things, like social skills, self-esteem, courage etc.

This is my second official exchange, but I've been travelling a lot. Last year I was in Malta and I loved it!

Katri Maijala - FINLAND (Leader)

My hobbies are judo, gym, taekwondo, swimming and Spanish studies. I have practiced judo over 20 years. These days I teach judo, compete on national level and organize judo trainings in Southern Finland. My next goal is to graduate 3. dan.

I have a master degree in business management. I work as a specialist of human resource managemet in a Finnish catering Company. In the future I would like to study a degree in sports coaching and management.

Aaro Kumlin _FINLAND

My hobbies are Judo, swimming and golf
I started doing judo four years ago. Right now I have orange belt (4. kyu). No one else in my family does or has ever done judo.

Helmi Mac Laverty - FINLAND

Hobbies: Judo, Reading, Music
I did a Beginners Course in 2013, but quit after it. I went back to judo in 2015. Since then, I’ve participated in a few small local competitions, but nothing big.

I graduated from primary school in 2015 and I’m now in sixth form of secondary school.

Jenni Immonen - FINLAND

Hobbies: judo, gym
I started judo when I was nine years old. My friend's mum said that I should go to judo training with my friend. I did and I loved it! I started to compete and nowadays I'm all about judo.
As a person, I am cheerful, persistent and a bit silly, in a good way, I think.

Jutta Nissinen - FINLAND

I am 17-years-old from Joensuu, Finland. I'm studying in high school and I started judo when I was eight. My mother got me excited about judo and I start training it.

Mika Tyyska - FINLAND

Hobbies: Judo, Football, Skiing
I started judo at the age of 7 and got bored in a year. But in 2012 I came back to judo and started competing in 2013. In 2015 I broke my knee and was recovering for six months and when I was fully healthy in 2016 I was 3rd in National Championships of Finland.

Languages: Finnish, Russian and English.
Education: Urheilupuiston Secondary school 9th grad

Niko Isopoussu - FINLAND 

My hobbies are Judo and snowboarding. I have played football six years, I quit couple years ago. I have played ice hockey as well for four years back in the days.

I started judo when I was 7 years old. I went to my first judo competition when I was 8 years old.
At the beginning of 2015 I got Osgood-Schlatter disease into my both knees. Next 9 month I couldn't even run and even walking was painful. I got back on tatami first time at the beginning of 2016. Now it's the beginning of 2017 and Osgood-Schlatter disease is almost fully gone. I have practised Judo 7 and half years. I have blue belt and my Judo club is Nummelan Judo.
Giorgi Qaldani - GEORGIA

I was born in Sukhumi but moved to the capital city Tbilisi, shortly after i was born. I started doing Judo at the Judo Club Georgia at the age of 14. In 2013 I placed 2nd at the Georgian National Championships. This year I have also completed Level 1 of the IJF Coach Academy.

My hobbies are mostly about Judo. I love the adrenaline you get from judo competitions. Outside of Judo I always enjoy a game of football with friends and cruising with cars.

Levan Nozadze - Georgian Judo (Leader)

My hobbies are Reading Books, Travelling (Judo - much more than hobby). I started Judo when I was 10. In my community it wasn't the most common and respected sport. Besides, my uncle who was a successful sportsman was my role model and inspiration. I had been preparing for a great judo until I got a trauma which made me stop being an active sportsman. But for the love of the sport and determination I had, didn't give me opportunity to quit and I continued as a coach. I am one of the founders of Georgian Judo Club "Shevardeni 2005" and I have been working as a coach there since then. This is one of the most successful club in our country.

I graduated from Tbilisi State University in 2007 Bachelor of Business and Economy, but as sport was more important for me, I got involved in it deeply. Nowadays I am actively involved in organising and holding national tournaments as well as different kinds of competitions in Judo. I also attend every training held in my country to be more qualified. I successfully completed the IJF Academy Instructor Coaching Course at Level 1 European Qualification Framework (EQF level 3) held between August_ November 2015 at the University of Physical Education and got Coaching Certificate.

Aleksandre Gelashvili - Georgian Judo

My hobbies are Watching Movies and Judo. I like this kind of sport and I have always supported Georgian Judo Team. I decided to try myself in the field and entered Judo training school. I started training in october 2015, since then I have participated in different sport competitions and won the I, II and III places: "Tournament Between Young Athletes" (2015) - the I place, the tournament held "in memory of Soldiers died for the unity of Georgia" (2016) - the II place, "the XII International Tournament in Judo" in memory of Anzor Margveliani (2017) - The III place

I study at public school, in the 7th grade and I am trying to do well at school. I know that general education is quite important for every                                                   person.

Giorgi Aladoshvili - Georgian Judo 

I started training in Judo 3 years ago. I really like the sport. Besides physical healthiness and strenght it gives person life experience. I think that is why Judo is one of the best sports. I have taken part in different tournaments and have different prices. I want to be experienced, successful Judoka.

I study at public school in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, in the 11th grade. I have to spent much time doing homework as I am going to have exams at school, but Judo is very important for me and I train almost everyday.

Giorgi Maisuradze - Georgian Judo

My hobbies are Visit Sightseeings and Judo. My interest in Judo emerged in 2012 and I started my practice in the same year, form the starting point till now my coach is Malkhaz Avazneli. Implied from my family my interest in Judo has got deeper because of my Grandfather - Boris Gogichaishvili who is the champion of Europe and an awardee of the world championship in Judo, also my uncle - Koba Kurtanidze who is the champion of the world championship and Europe champion in Judo. Both of them are also multiple awardee of international tournaments. In my 13 years I am 5 times international tournament champion and a winner of other regional championships, also a winner of well-known Judoka Sergo Kareli’s tournament where I got an award of the most technical athlete.
I go to Gori's Orthodox School in the 7th Grade. I have to study well, but it doesn't interupt me to do well in judo and I want to be a great athlete.

Gocha Kveladze - Georgian Judo

My hobbies are Cars and Judo. As a child I always dreamt to be a champion and as I liked Judo the most, my parents decided to give me chance to try myself in it. From the begining I felt so fastinating I'll never give it up. I have participated in different national tournaments and have got different kinds of medals. My aim is to be successful sportsman, I'm doing everything to reach the goal.

I study at public school and I am finishng the school this year, so I have to decide many important things for my future life.

Niloloz Marmalidze - GEORGIA

My hobbies are Horse Riding and Judo. I started doing judo when I was 6. Since then I realised that it is very interesting, because it is individual as well as team sport. In judo I have won 29 tournaments, out of them 15 times I took the 1st place, 9 times the 2nd and 5 times 3rd one. All these tournaments were held in Georgia , but some of them were international.

I study at public school in Kvareli, kakheti region, in the 8th grade. I have to admit that Judo is more entertaining and interesting for me than studying.

Zurab Bolkvadze - GEORGIA.

My hobbies are Music and Judo. My father was an amateur judo player, so he often talked to me about the amazing sport, so I became very interested in it. When he thought that I was ready to do judo, I started training and became obsessed. I have been taking part in different national tournaments for 4 years. This year I have participated In open tournament in Italy and won the bronze medal.

I study at public school in the 9th grade. It is not easy to do well at school and in sport at the same time, but I keep trying my best and I am not going to give up.

Fabian May - GERMANY (Leader)

Hobbies: Judo, Volunteering, Travelling, Programming

Judo Background: I started Judo at age 6 and competed regularly until a bad shoulder injury, after which regular Judo became hardly possible. I wanted to stay in the sport and with my friends, so I started volunteering and became member of the "DJB Juniorteam", a group within the German Judo Federation to facilitate volunteering and inclusion of young people into the federation. Last year I was elected as Vice Youth Leader of the German Judo Youth, and since then I am responsible for parts of the PR work in Germany and youth involvement, especially the DJB Juniorteam.
I study English and Computer Science to become a teacher and look forward to begin my Master's studies in winter's semester 17/18.

Isabelle Loser – GERMANY

My hobbies are Judo, tennis, skiing, playing clarinet in a big band and volleyball.

Although I´m deaf, I had the opportunity to start judo at the age of five years. I fought in my first competition after one year of current training and meanwhile I have taken part in more than 50 tournaments. My grading is the blue belt (2nd Kyu). My greatest successes were the 3rd place at the German Team Competition in 2016 and the bronze medal at the Southern German Individual Championship last autumn.
I attend the Secondary School in my hometown in Bavaria in the 8th year. There are still four years till the end of my secondary school education.

Jonah Rohn – Germany

I started doing Judo in 2008 in the club TSV 2000 Rothenburg. There I help with the children’s training. Another hobby of mine is taking photos. And I still go to school.

Kristin Sielhorst - GERMANY

I live in the Ruhr Area, in the western parts of Germany. I do judo since I was 10 years old. It started out as a hobby, but it grew into a passion. In my club, I work as a coach for children and people with disabilities.

I love supporting the organisation of tournaments and I am also a referee. I love Judo because it conveys values. In my spare time, I play the piano.

Leander Riegert -GERMANY

Hy hobbies are doing Judo and going out with friends. My twin brother Paul and me started doing Judo together when we were 4 years old. I am in an education for a nursery School teacher.

Marvin Seiffert - GERMANY

From 2003 I practise Judo. I am trainer and referee.
After school I made an education in Mechatronics (2012-2016). Now I am working with an energy company in this job.

Melina Röll - GERMANY

My hobbies are Judo and Dancing. When I was about eight years old, my brother and I started doing judo. The first years I only spent time in going to the training. Someday I was asked to help at a weekend course for the smaller kids from our club. That was the beginning of my voluntary work at our club. The next following years I helped to prepare this courses and I started to work as a junior coach to support our members in training and on competitions. Now me and a friend are the group leaders of our junior team at the „1. Fuldaer Judo-Club.

I am currently doing my „A Level“ and I am going to finish school in summer.

Paul Riegert - GERMANY

My hobbies are Judo, Friends, Music and Painting. I starded Judo when i was 4 years old. My grading is the orange belt. I work in a Workshop for handicaped People because i am half sided handicaped. I am twin brother of Leander, the simular like me looking guy. -> I am the older one.


Kinga Szádeczky-Kardoss - HUNGARY (Leader)

I am working at the Hungarian Judo Association as World Championships organiser and office manager. I am judo coach too!

Tamás Simon-Nagy - HUNGARY (Leader)

My hobbies are Judo, Volleyball and Travelling. I was born into a judo family. At the age of 5 I started judo but I stopped it in 2010. I went back 4 years later. Now I don’t have much free time so I can rarely go to sessions.

Zsolt Kunyik - HUNGARY (Leader)

I am the coach of the U15 team. Judo is my life! I was in Atlanta in 1996 on the Olympic Games as a competitor!

Bence Farkas - HUNGARY
My hobbies are judo, fishing, running and swimming.

I was born in Budapest into a Judo Family and I started judo when I was 4 years old. I go to judo training 5 times a week and on the weekend I usually go to judo competition.

Beatrix Ménesi - HUNGARY

I live together with my parents and my 3 brothers closed to Szeged in a village called Röszke.
I go to school there as well. I started training Judo in 2009. In that time my twin brother already trained Judo his coach asked my mother to let me try this sport as well. Before Judo I did dancing.
Since I started I like this sport very much. Fortunately I attended in many championships with some good result. Until now I’m three time Hungarian Champion , I got a silver and bronze medal in European Cup.

I’m very thankful for my parents I couldn’t make it without their support. Beside Judo I like going out with my friends and my                                                                     brother, I also like watching movies. I’m looking forward to meet you in Malta and make some new friends there!

Boka Botond - HUNGARY

I was born in Szeged and I've got two brothers.There names are Beni and Bruno. I started judo 8 years ago. My favorite competitor is Teddy Riner. I live in Domaszék.

I'm student in Domaszéki Bálint Sándor ÁMK but I hope I will go to the Deák Ferenc Hig school at next year.

Dorina Sipos - HUNGARY
Hobbies: Judo, Music, Running

Judo Background: I started Judo when I was 7 years old. I came across Judo in 2010 when my father's friend recommended this sport to my brother, then I started to like it and I'm still doing it with pleasure.

Employment: I'm still a student. I attend a bilingual school in Hungary, Szeged so I learn some subjects in English.

Fanni Vaska - HUNGARY

I'm from Hungary and I live in Tarján. I'm a student in primary school. I started Judo 6 years ago and I liked it. Since then I pursue this sport really hard, successful and serious, and my family favour me in this. It became a part of my life. I'm interested in another continent's culture and habits.

Gergo Menesi - HUNGARY

I live together with my parents and my 2 brothers and 1 sister closed to Szeged in a village called Röszke. I go to school there as well. I started training Judo in 2008, as my mother told me I was a very active kid. One of our friends told me about Judo, since I tried it I practise it.

I attended in many Judo competitions which helped in my Judo career. Until now I’m five-time Hungarian Champion and also Europian Cup winner. I’m very thankful for my parents I couldn’t make it without their support. I would like to mention my helpful coaches giving me a lot of attention and trust. Beside Judo I like going out with my friends. I’m looking forward to meet                                                                    you in Malta!

Rebeka Koszegi - HUNGARY

Hi everyone! I live in Budapest, in the sixteenth section of the Capital, which is a garden-suburb. I live with my parents, and with my two younger brothers, Kende and Nimród. Kende is five years old, Nimród is two. Kende will start judo in September, this year, and he is awaiting this moment
I have started judo in twenty-eleven, and I am the member of the sport-team of TOTO sport. My trainer is Mr Sándor Illés, and national team trainer is Mr Laszló Kunyik. In that moment my training frame time is twenty-seven hours per week. I like very much this sport, judo, we can say this my main hobby. The other one is doing videos on snapchat with my friends, and also the following of them on snapchat.

I like doing competitions, travelling and do shopping with my granny very much. I have quite serious intent with judo, I will race on Olympic trials, and I will gain medal also. My aim is to travel on all over the world, and to do judo-race everywhere.

Rebeka Sóczó - HUNGARY

I live in Gyomaendrőd which is a small town at the south-east part of Hungary. When I was a child, I was very hyperactive, so my mum enrolled me in a judo class. Before my enrollment, I had never heard of this sport. In the last 8 years I’ve gained 3 Hungarian Champion’s title. I cycle 10 kms every day to take part in the training. I like participating in judo training courses because I would like to help the younger judoists. My belt is blue. I always go to the training and I’m determined to reach my goals. My family gives me their full support to be successful.

Sebastiano Merella - ITALY (Leader)

We represent the Italian team of judo. There are five children in this team. We will come to Judo - VO&INC Project in April. I am a grandfather of one of the participating. As for me, judo is a beautiful sport and I like judo for many years.

My son Alessio went to lessons and competition of judo. I always drove him to these lessons. He has grown and now I help my granddaughter Marika, who practice the same sport.
Judo is one of the kind of sport that I have always liked since my childhood. When I was small, I had more free time for judo. My friends were interested in this too. But now I’ve grown, I have job, so I don’t have much free time. I’m proud of my grand daughter, because she                                                    is beautiful of this kind of sport. Now I’m curious lives of different athletes and watch judo competition. So, judo is my life

Elena Bianca Padureanu - ITALY

I live in Alghero, but I was born in Romania, in Comăneşti. I love doing judo and drawing is my passion. I've been doing judo since 2014 and I'm blue belt

In my free time I go/hang out my friends and I like listening music. I started judo because I ('ve) always loved martial arts and my favourite throw is O goshi.

Gabriele Fanciulli - ITALY

I was born and I live in Alghero (Sardinia, Italy). I have many hobbies, but I especially like travelling. I have been training Judo since September 2015, after played soccer for 14 years.

As for my education, I am in the 4th year of Foreign Language School (High School). My Language Certificates are the following: English, B2; and French, B1

Marika Salis - ITALY

Hello I live in Alghero my country is the capital of the coral Riviera, has preserved to this day the traditions and language of Catalonia, which ruled it for centuries but it's origins stretch much farther back in time. I live with my mum Fabiola and my grandma Patrizia. I love my mum so much. I am a friendly person and I like playing judo, listening to music and watching movies. In my spare time I like watching facebook. I practice judo since I was six years and I hope to become a great judoka.

I am attending Maria Carta school. My favourite subjects are music and geography. But I am not very good at history. I have a beautiful dog, it's name is Billo. That is all for the moment. I hope to see you soon. I would like to be a judo instructor....... I wish my                                                           dream comes true!!!!

Oscar Mannazzu - ITALY

My hobbies are judo, baseball, sailing and guitar.
I started judo when I was a 2-year-old boy. I won the Randori No Kata Regional Championship in both 2015 and 2016, and gained the bronze medal at the Regional Championship for the Judo Shiai Tournament .

Actually, at school, I’m a “freshman” as I am attending the first year of the Scientific High School in Alghero and hope to become a world-trotter and voyager. I would love to have the chance to keep on enjoying doing all my favourite activities for a long time and believe that the best is yet to come…

During my experience within this project in Malta I expect to meet a lot of judokas from many different countries around the world, make new friendships and enjoy special experiences.

Tiziano Balzani - ITALY

I like sports, go out with my friends and play computer games. I started judo when I was 3 years and I never stopped. I very like it! I am a brown belt and I did a lot of competitions in Sardinia and out of my region.

I’m a student of Classic Hight School. I’m happy to have this experience in Malta so I can meet new friends, enjoy with them and know the traditions of the other Countries.

Alexis Milne - MALTA (Organiser)

Hi everyone, I started practising Judo when I was 13, participated in a few national competitions and by the age of 14 I started voluntary work with the Malta Judo Federation as a table official.
Today I am the General Treasurer of the Malta Judo and events organiser. For the past 3 years we started promoting volunteering and inclusion and organising Youth projects

I welcome you all for this EU Volunteering & Inclusion project, hope you enjoy our sunny Island :)

Louisa Agius Galea - Malta

Eat breathe sleep Judo… that is practically my life! On the mat, I was a small catastrophe, but thankfully, last millennium, I met LeXy Milne and the adventure in volunteering and sport organisation started. 

For 9 years, I worked for the European Judo Union, and in 2013, I started working for the IJF – my dream job! Now I spend my time flying around the world, running the IJF events together with my colleagues, and the rest of my time at home volunteering for Maltese Judo.
Special thanks go to Alexis, who can come up with so many projects how Judo can change lives and showing that is Judo is really not just a sport, but a way of life!

Tiziana Apap - MALTA (Organiser)

Hobbies: activities which help us escape the daily grind of life and work and give us pleasure and peace of mind. My primary interest is that of coaching and training judo with special interest given to the Kata sector. I am also in charge of the youth volunteer sector with in the Federation.

Travelling is my other passion, whenever I have an opportunity to visit a new place, whether a short holiday or a long journey, I never miss it. When I travel, I get to see new places and meet people with different cultures and lifestyle. I am also an avid reader of books ranging from works of fiction to autobiography books. I feel that reading, as I do, only enhances my language and composition skills. Likewise, if I'm not reading I am drawing or doing crafts.

Gabriele Vella - MALTA (Leader)

Hobbies: Travelling, BBQs(lots), music, procrastinating, making Alexis angry

Judo background: I carried a lot of tatami last year. I honestly have no idea how I got involved in the world of judo…seriously. I know absolutely nothing about the sport. Louisa just found me and said; “I like you.”, now I volunteer in as many judo events as I can. Best thing that ever happened to me tbh.

Employment: When I’m not busy testing Alexis’ patience, I am a student at my local (this whole country is considered local to you) college. I am doing an Advanced Diploma in IT, more specifically, Networking and computer systems. I am also a part time waiter for 2 catering companies, a restaurant, and an apprentice at Farsons (They make Cisk, don’t worry, you’ll know what it is when you come to Malta)

General facts: Scared of heights, likes food (mostly Italian cuisine, NO FISH!), consumes a worrying amount of coffee, not a morning person.

Annmarie Gatt - MALTA

My hobbies are sport, swimming, reading and card making. I’ve been a teacher for around 4 years, teaching 3 year old children. I started judo when I was fourteen, and I’ve been 10 years in this sports and now I am a brown belt. Currently I volunteering in events with Malta judo Federation. Lately I finished a course about volunteering

Bulić Mihajlo - MALTA

My hobbies are Judo, MMA, Music and Cars. I started judo in Serbia long time ago, but then I moved to Malta and I did not continue training anymore, then I started to train mixed martial art and Judo came back in my life. After about more than 3 years not training Judo, I started again, now no matter what I won't stop.

Clive Camilleri - Malta

I started practising Judo at the age of 9 with Tigne Judo Club which I am still a member of this club.
Judo is important for me because of Judo I started to attend the National Sport School. There I train four times a week. At the club I train three times a week and once a week with the national squad. I took part in several competitions in Malta and once competed in Sicily. I always placed with in the top three.

Other than Judo I play the Drums and I like to play football with friends to keep in a fit body. My future plans are to keep training Judo and compete in various competitions in Malta and abroad.

Ena Camilleri - MALTA

My hobbies are Judo, listening to music and sports. At the age of 7 I started Judo and have never stopped. I have continued training and have been competing ever since.

I am a student at St. Monica school in Gzira. I have been attending this school for the past 10 years. I am studying to become an engineer.

Jonathan Gatt - MALTA

My hobbies are Reading, judo, playing the guitar. I have been training judo for 10 years, at the age of 6, I started judo because I was too quiet and shy. Throughout these ten years, judo has helped me to be strong against bullying as there were times when I was bullied. Judo has formed me to interact more and not to be shy any more. Currently, I am a brown belt.

I am studying Accounts and Economics to pick up a career in this line. I also volunteer in sports in general when possible and I also volunteer when the federation is in need of volunteers. Apart from this, I am currently in the Youth Committee.

Lara Castillo - MALTA

My hobbies are Judo, travelling, art, music. I was born in a judo family, my dad being my own coach, my mum, brother and sister are judokas as well and even my auntie and cousins. I started judo when I was just 4 and I haven’t stopped since then and I’m not planning to as I couldn’t imagine my life without it (it’s in my blood). I’m recently a brown belt and I’m aiming that I’ll get the black this year. I competed in several competitions in my country but unfortunately, I haven’t yet competed internationally. My dream is that some day I’ll compete international (being a European Championships, Small Nation Games, Olympics etc..) behalf of Malta and come back home with a gold medal round my neck. I volunteer as much as I can during judo events, helping Louisa Agius Galea and LeXy Milne, and I enjoy it as I’m helping in something that is a big part of my life. I am also the secretary of the Judo Youth Commission Malta.
I am a college student, studying Spanish and Physics. Professionally I have no idea what I want to be but I’m first aiming to get my A-Levels qualifications and then I’ll decide from there. I also have a part-time job at a hotel, Alexandra Hotel, which I work there on weekends.

Nathan Falzon - Malta

I had begun my training at about 9 years with Tinge Judo Club, a club to which I am still a member of to this day. I began judo when I was 8 as means to plug myself out of every day work and as a new challenge that will in the end benefit me. I used to train about 5 times a week but lately reduced due to work, other lessons and school. I have been trusted to teach some of the prospective judokas how are at about the age of 11 or less, an honour none the less. I have also been competing for the past 6 or so years and have been declared champion on most occasions.

Other than judo, I have other duties and ambitions such as Singing, Cooking, Acting and Drawing. My biggest ambition in life is to be a well-known game engineer or illustrator or better yet become famous through the media and to keep judo alive in Malta for future generations to enjoy
Nusa Lampe - SLOVENIA (Leader)

My hobbies are judo, enjoying life, travelling, sports. At the age of 9, I started training Judo. Till I was 23 I was competing at national and international level - I won 5 times national championships, participated at 2 European championships for Juniors (Jerusalem 1991, Pappendal 1992), at 1 European championships for Seniors (Athens 1992). Later on I was a coach - my player were members of Cadet and Junior national team. 1997 I started my refereeing career. 2006 I passed continental exam, 2014 international. I also work in Judo education, organization of events on local and international level.

I have bachelor of Police and Security Studies, bachelor of Human resource Management and bachelor of Judo. At the moment I am working on PhD of Human resource Management. I am working as director and coach of Judo klub Golovec since 1998. I am (was) member of different bodies of Slovenian Judo Federation. From 2016 I am Vice President of Federation.

Špela Lampe - SLOVENIA (Leader)

I'm in love with sports & music. I was born into Judo family. Older brother and sister were practising judo, so I followed them at the age of six. However, I wasn't persistent enough on tatami and I ended up in gymnastics that I trained for over 13 years. Judo has been a topic number one in our family since forever; the whole family (brother, sister, nephew and me with the best Judo Golovec team) are now running Judo club Golovec.

I am employed as a Strategic Project & Events Manager and I am the President of Judo Golovec

Aljoša Prokofjev-Lampe - SLOVENIA

My hobbies are Judo, Travelling, Martial arts research, Music. For as long as I can remember, I have always been in touch with judo. That is probably due to the fact that my whole family is involved with judo at least partially. For the last two years, I have also been acting as a coach assistant and I must say that it is quite the challenge for me. Even so I enjoy passing on my knowledge to future generations.

I am currently in my third year of high school, with a more biologically orientated program. I plan on becoming either a soldier or a physiotherapist. I would also like to travel around the globe and learn more about martial arts and judo particularly.

Amar Salanovic - SLOVENIA

My hobbies are judo, soccer, fixing cars, going out with friends, playing games. I started Judo in 2010 trained and competed since then. However stoped in 2014 because of injuries and started again in 2015.

I'm going to high school to become a mechanic but I'm interested in further schooling.

Benjamin Kajtazovic - SLOVENIA

I was born in Ljubljana. I practice judo since elementary school. In judo I am successful and I have won a lot of medals. My younger brother Nal also practising judo and he is progressing increasingly.

I attend the 2nd year high school. In my spare time, I am playing synthesiser. It relaxes me.

Filip Peulic - SLOVENIA

I live in Ljubljana. I'm a student of primary school of KDK. My favorite sport is judo and the best coach is called Jure. I start with judo when I was 5 years old. I've got a green belt. I train in judo club Golovec. My strong points are that I am very dedicated to train and I am very calm person.
In my family are 4 members: me, my mother, my father & my small brother. In a future I would like be a lawyer.

Luka Oven - SLOVENIA

I was born and raised in Ljubljana. I started training judo when I was 7 years old and now I am 16. Before I started training judo I was in my first grade very sick. One day when I was watching the tournament on the TV of judo but at the time I didn't know about this sport. So I asked my parents if I will be better can I start training this sport and they said yes. And since then I have always been in judo.

I attend a hairstylist school and I hope to become a barber some day. Some day I also hope to become a trainer of judo, so I can teach the next generation of judoka what judo means to me and to many others. For now I have a blue belt but I hope some day soon I can                                                       earn a black belt in judo.

Nal Pungercar - SLOVENIA

I was born into the nuclear family. At age of 7, I started training Judo. After two years of training I have decided that I will go to the first tournament and I have not been very successful so I started to train harder. Now I go to every tournament and I am pretty good. I go to school every day an I have good marks and no problems.

Vid Hočevar - SLOVENIA

My hobbies are Judo, Basketball, Competitions from a variety of knowledge (Mathematics, Slovene, Chemistry etc.) At the age of 5, I started training judo. For few years in a row I compete regularly on a National level, once I was second on the National Championship.

I attend elementary school (8th grade). I want to continue education at the Gymnasium Bežigrad.