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19760428_Boys' National Judo Championships

    The Malta Judo Association will be holding a boys' National Judo Championship tomorrow. Mr. Jack W. Cook (Black Belt 2nd Dan) will be amongst the contest referees. 
    The event will be held at the maria Regina Grammar School, Blata l-Bajda. The public is cordially invited to attend the championships which will start at 4 p.m. A trophy for the event has been kindly donated by Mr. Jack Cook. 
    Jack Cook, who is visiting Malta under the auspices of the M.J.A. is a professional Judo coach and a provisional national referee of the British Judo Association. He has been teaching Judo for seventeen years and gives regular Judo lessons to English school children.
    When commenting on the standard of proficiency attained by Maltese junior judokas, Mr. Cook said that he was impressed by  what has been achieved so far, but believed that a professional coach and better facilities would be a great improvement.
    During his stay Jack will assist the Maltese referees by explaining his interpretation of the International Judo Federation rules, and will help the M.J.A. in obtaining a judo mat of international size and more judo costumes.
    The Maltese public, continued Mr. Cook, was under the mistaken impression that Judo is like any of the other forms of martial art. Judo was the only martial art at the Olympics, and this proves that it is a sport.
    The M.J.A. is planning to bring an English team, which would include two of the Olympic contingent, to Malta, to play against Maltese contestants later this year.

    - The Malta Judo Association invites all Physical Education Instructors, Secondary School children and parents, to attend the "Boys Judo Championship" for the J.W. Cook Trophy, to be held tomorrow at the Maria Regina Grammar School Blata l-Bajda, Greek Theatre.