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19780814_Judo display by ZJC at Zejtun

Members of the zebbug Judo Club under the guidance of their Black-belt instructor Ninu Tanti, where recently responsible for an informative and exciting display of judo and self-defence techniques at an MJA judo exhibition led as part of the celebrations commemorating Prime Minister Mr Dom Mint0ff's birthday, at Zejtun.
    Ninu Tanti who has over ten years judo experience and whom such displays have become a matter of routine. proved himself a showman and true master of the art.
    During the exhibition which lasted over three-quarters of amateur, a demonstration of various techniques practised in judo were displayed. Amongst these were the art of Breakfalling (Ukem is, throws (Nagewaza), armlocks (Kansetuwazu), grappling (Katemewaza) and blows (Atemis). mario Giuliano of the St Andrew's Judo Club also took part in the exhibition and in a series of free-fights (Randoris).
    To wind things up Ninu Tanti and his students gave a brilliant display of self-defence techniques which have become the hallmark of the ZJC
                                                                                                                    - JOHN SEYASTA -