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19780816_Malta Judo Association year of activities

    The MJA's year of activities 1977/78 kicked off on March 31, 1977 with the Medkwai tournament held at St. Andrew's Baracks. A triangular between the MJA, Medikwai and the commando Judo team was organised besides competitions for Ladies and Espoirs.
    This was followed by the 'Jack Cook Trophy' competition which was held at Ta' Qali Sports Pavilion on may 22. Charles Saliba of the Dingli Judo Club was the winner of this trophy.
    During November the MJA with full co-operation from the Ministry of sports organised a tournament of international status at the Ta' Qali Sports Pavilion. Judo teams from England and Italy paticipated besides a selection of Maltese Judokas. This tournament was won by the Italians who won five out of the final seven bouts. 
    On December 17 and 18 we find the Christmas Tournament.  During this tournament several talented young Judokas distinguished themselves as the future backbone of MJA. Amongst these we find S. Grixti (Stelmar), C. Saliba (Dingli Judo Club), J. Zammit  (Tokai do Umb. Calosso) and J. Mallia (MUSC).
    A spectacular Martial Arts Festival was held on January 21, 1978 by the MJA under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports at Ta' Qali. Over a 1,000 spectators attended for this display of Martial Arts. 
    The Association's National Grading was held of February 4 and 5 at their HQ in St. Andrews. 
    Between February 25 and 26 the MJA he'd its Fifth National Championships. The winners of this tournament for which Dave Starbrook who held just arived in Malta attended, were: Seniors Open - Raymond Cutajar; Juniors - Chris Busuttil; Espoirs - Paul Mangion.
    Between February 27 and March 3, Dave Starbrook fifth Dan MBE and National team manager of the BJA held a weak's course at the barracks of St. Andrews in Judo and its instruction.
    A selection of Judokas from the MJa which was composed of Raymond Cutajar (Tokai do Umo Calosso), Sean Grixti (Stelmar), Chris Busuttil (MUSC) and Alan Miller (MUSC) took part in a tournament held in Catania, Sicily on March 13. A team from Yugoslavia and selections from the Southern and Eastern districts of Sicily were the main Opponents for the Maltese team. Sean Grixti proved himself a prominent Judoka after winning the only bout  for the Maltese team.
    On April 8/9 the MJA held held and Olympic Tournament in commemoration of the Maltese Olympic Committee's 50th anniversary. Another National Grading was held by the MJA on April 29  and 30. 
    On May 13 a team of Maltese Judokas participated in another tournament this time in Potenza, Southern Italy. The opposition was composed of teams from Tunis and Italy
    An MJA selection of Judokas fought against a selection of Comamndos from the 41 Salerno Group in a friendly competition during the month of June.
                                                                                                                 - JOHN SEVESTA -