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 - The Malta Judo Association has decided to form a "National  team pool" from which a member of each category will be selected to make National Team.
    The National team pool will be composed of Judokas in each weight category, selected for their merits in Tournaments and competitive spirit: at the discretion of the Technical Board.
    Traning sessions will be held every Friday, from 18.30 hrs at the St. Andrews Gymnasium starting forms. September 22.
    This Training session is reserved solely for members of the national team pool.
    The following are the judokas, who have been selected: 
    60 KGS Godwin Buttigieg - Raymond Grixti - Raymond Psaila - Gaetano Scerri.
    65 KGS John Zammit - Teddy Borg - Chris Busuttil - Sean Griscti - M. Giulian.
    75 KGS Godfrey Bezzina - Brian Warrington - Noel Zarb Cousin - Renato Saliba 
    78 KGS Raymond Cutajar - Joseph Mallia - Alex Bezzina - Tony Tanti.
    86 KGS Joe Abela - Charles Vella - Joseph Darmanin - Emanuel Saliba.
    95 KGS George Sullivan - Stephen Gunther - Silvio Cacciatolo. 
    + 95 KGS Paul Mangion - Joe Grech.
    These members have been selected after the Technical Board studied results of past "National" and "International" Tournaments.
    It is expected that those chosen for the National Team Pool would attend regular training sessions and adhere to all instructions, as issued by the National Team Manager, who is  responsible for the discipline of the National  Team Pool.