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19780920_Judo on the island of Comino

The serenity of the island of Comino was interrupted by the sounds and crashes of human bodies flying through the air being thrown to the ground.
    Judo had made its debut on the peaceful island with a demonstration of modern martial Art and Self-defence techniques organised by the Malta Judo Association with the close co-operation of Mr. Tony Lautier of the Malta Sub Aqua Club at the Comino Hotel.
    The main Tanti, Hoe Abela, Godfrey and Alex Bezzina, Mario Giuliano and Michael Farrugia besides several female members from various clubs.
    Mr Emvic Galea, MJA, secretary, gave a detailed commentary of the techniques being exhibited.
    - Picture above shows a judoka flying through the air in preparation for a breakfall.