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19790208_Korean Judoka may demonstrate in Malta

    There is a great possibility that a Korean Judoka exponent of Tae Kwon Do, will perform a Kata and demonstrate some techniques during the Martial Arts show which will be organised by the Judo Association at the Malta Hilton on Saturday, February 17.
    This show has become an annual and unique occasion for the local Martial Arts followers. Although Judo plays a very important part in the show, other styles will be  demonstrated, including Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and the traditional Martial Art weaponary.
    Martial Arts have been registering great progress in the past years and with the aid and the full cooperation of the Ministry of Sport, the Judo Association has managed to organise Karate training under some of Malta's leading exponents of the Art at the Imtarfa Gymnasium.