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19791121_Shotokan Karate in Malta

    Unknown to the majority of the Maltese public, an ancient Japanese martial art with all its vigours and characters strengthening qualities if being taught and practised by a dedicated group of Maltese karatekas at the Mtarfa Gym on Mondays and Thursdays. 
    Their Style developed in Okinawa and is called 'Shotokan'. It was introduced into Japan by the late great master Funkoshi Gichip. This style grew very popular amongst the Japanese and along with judo started to be practised on a national basis. 
    A local Karate Association has been formed to direct and administer the functions of Shotokan Karate in Malta. This association is made up of Mr Emvic Galea as president, Mr Eno Grech as secretary, Mr Johnnie Tonna as treasure. 
    Mr Paul Attard has been appointed national  coach, and Mr Paul Wright, his assistant.
    Recently, a grading examination 1st Kyu Yellow belt was held under the strict technical scrutiny of My Raymond Petit whose advice and help has proved priceless for the improvement of Karate in Malta.
     Mr Raymond Petit is the Principal Secretary at the French Embassy in Malta. He holds 2nd Dan in Shotokan and 3rd Dan Tae Kwon Do.
    Mr. Petit started learning Shotokan Karate at 18, under the world famous Japanese Sensei Nakayama 8th Dan.
    For the first three years Raymond Petit trained daily, Sundays included, so that he could reach the required standard of perfection insisted upon by Nakayama.
    No wonder hopes are high that the local standard will be  raised under such a dedicated men and the association should be thankful for having him to help them along.