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    Mr. Takashi Sensei, representative of the Japanese Karate Association in Europe and Chief instructor of Shotokan Karate in Italy will be arriving tomorrow as the guest of the local karate club.
    Takashi Sensei (pictured) who is a sixth dan black belt, will be checking on the level of training for students and instructors at the club during his stay.
    The karate headquarters which is situated at Mtarfa barracks, was set up over two years ago by Mr. Ino Grech and Mr. Emvic Galea, who were interested in teaching Shotokan, a Japanese style of karate here in Malta.
    The association managed to obtain the use of a gymnasium at Mtarfa thanks to the close cooperation of the Ministry of Sports and Works, and now has a membership of nearly fifty full members.
    The club is currently run by a committee led by Mr. Galea, president, My Ino Grech who is secretary, Mr. John Tonna as treasurer helped by Mr. Adrian Castillo, and Mr. Paul Attard (first dan black belt) with Mr. Paul Wright (first kyu).
    Mr Raymond Petit, Honorary president of the club was again instrumental in finalizing this second visit of Takashi Sensei.