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19810723_Kalkara demonstration

    An unfamiliar sight in the Kalkara playing fields attracted a good crowd of people when a group of judokas from the Kamikwai Judo Club in their white "gi" and coloured belts Ied by their coach Mario Giuliano, gave a demonstration in the gentle sport of Judo.
    The demonstration organized by the Malta Judo Association on the initiative of Fr. Joseph Farrugia - Parish Priest of Kalkara, was given to introduce the now members of the Kalkara Judo Club to this ever growing popular sport.
    The show was very well received by young and old and everybody applauded heartily when pig-tailed Roberta and "Lizzie" the youngest girls in the team took the line-up and threw their much heavier and bigger club mates all over the mat.
    Although this was done in fun, they managed to show that after all a smaller opponent can throw a much heavier opponent if a judo technique is done properly.
    The response from the Kalkara youth was very good and lessons are being held in the Parish hall under the direction of Envic Galea, every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m. and every Saturday at 2.30 p.m.