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19820720_Olympic Day 1982

    For the first time, Olympic Spirit Awards were awarded to eight officials, selected by their respective association, who have contributed most to uphold the Olympic spirit and Ideals.
    At the end of the seminar the following resolution was adopted.
    1. Conscious of the fact that the Olympic spirit cannot be compressed into a set of rules. It is the "unwritten laws" of decency, of fairness and chivalry - it is an attitude of the mind and not a system.
    2. Knowing that Olympic spirit is a feeling that cannot be measured nor calculated in terms of money value and like religious feeling it comes from inside and promotes intrinsic satisfaction.
    3. Keeping in mind that the Olympic Spirit is a philosophy persuing intellectual achievement among with the development of physical capacity, the final growth being the harmonious growth and perfection of the individual.
    4. Accepting the fact that the Olympic Ideals have a pedagogical and educational purpose and effect not only persons directly involved in sport but also the masses.
    5. Appreciating the fact that the Olympic spirit is an inner urge that finds satisfaction in internal efforts directed at the achievement of ideological distinction or which no price can be put.
    Appeal to all sports officials and administrators to do their utmost to always promote the Olympic Ideals and safeguard the moral values in sport among (a) children and youth; (b) athletes at national level; (c) the sporting public.