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19820728_Local general Secretary attends updating course for Italian referees

    Envic Galea - general secretary of the Malta Judo Association, who is also a national referee, was invited by the Italian Judo Federation to attend their updating course for Italian referees in Rome. 
    This course of four days was obligatory for all Italian national and international referees - approximately 100 in all, spread from all over Italy.
    Guy Pellitier - 7th dan and sports director of the European Judo Union, was the main speaker. he went through all the international judo contest rules, clarifying and asking questions to all members present to see that the newly introduced regulations were understood.
    practical sessions were held and those present had occasion to study on video-tape, difficult decisions which occured in the recent Paris tournament.
    Competitions refereed by newly-appointed referees, were also filmed on video-tape during this course and then discussed immediately afterwards.
    Gut Pellitier brought up problems that had arisen in previous World Championships for all the members present to discuss.
    Finally some of the referees present who are also coaches and instructors, went on the mat to execute counter for everybody to judge and discuss.
    Envic Galea will be explaining the new rules introduced in the "International Judo Regulations" on Saturday July 31 during the Judo camp at Ghajn Tuffieha.
    This seminar will be obligatory to all club coaches as these new rules will become effective as from the next competition organized by the Judo Association and so be in step with the international world of Judo.