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19820729_Another two black belts for the Judo Association

    Third camp at Ghajn Tuffieha
    Alex and Godfery Bezzina have returned from the Italian Judo Academy in Rome, after having attended a 15-day Course.
    The Association decided to send its officials to this Course, in order to enable them to help the Association develop her sport amongst its members.
    Alex and Godfery were highly praised by the directors of the Academy for their dedication and knowledge of judo. In fact out of 36 students from all over Italy, Alex and Godfery placed 6th and 7th in merit.
    On their last day, the Bezzina brothers were given the opportunity to sit for the examination for "1st dan black belt" under the presidency of maestro Frattarolo, in which they were successful.
    On the return, Alex who is also a member of the MJA council started the organisation of the 3rd Judo camp to be held at Ghajn Tuffieha from Friday - July 30 until Sunday August 1, while Godfery Bezzina was given the responsibility to take over the MJA class every Thursday at the Malta. Hilton Hotel - the MJA Headquarters.
    The main scope of this class is to keep up to date and train club coaches and officials who have to concentrate a lot of their time on organisation at the sacrifice of their own training. Of course, as always, both brothers can depend on each other's assistance in their new duties.
    Registration for the Judo Camp and briefing will be held at the Malta Hilton on tomorrow at 1900 hours.