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19820824_First grading at Tigne Judo Club

    Last month, for the first time since its reativation, the Tigne Judo Club held its first annual general meeting during which a committee was elected to manage the Club for the year 1982/83.
    This committee is composed as follows:
    President Mr. Joe Farrugia, Vice President Mr. Silvio Sciberras, Secretary and Club Manager Mr. Raymond Fava, Sports Director and Team Manager Mr. John Sevasta, Treasurer Mr. Evander Borg, Members Mr. Carmel Bartolo, Mr. Joseph Borg.
    The new  committee together withe the co-operation of the Tokai Do Judo Club immediately set out to organize the first granding for its new members.   
    This grading was held on Friday, July 30,  at the Club's premises inside Tigne Barracks and was conducted according to the rules of the Judo-Association.
    The examiners were Mr. Raymond Cutajar (Black Belt) and his assistant, Mr. John Zammit (Brown Belt).
    The event was a successful one because all the Judokas who participated, passed the grading and thus acquired the right to wear the yellow belt.
    This group has already commenced its training for the orange belt whilst at the some time a new yellow belt class has been initiated.
    All those who are interested in taking up Judo as a sport are asked to contact Mr. Ray Fava or Mr. John Sevasta on Telephone numbers 622888 or 603471.