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19830114_Laurie Pace establishes Judo record for ladies.

    Once again during the 1982 Ladies National Judo Championships held recently at St. Augustine's College, Miss Laurie Pace proved herself the best Lady judoka on the island.
    Laurie,  wh0 trains at the Kamikwai Judo Club, won the Open Contest carrying the title of 1982 Ladies National Champion. Two months earlier Laurie had also gained the title of 1982 Girls National Champion by winning the Doreen Cook Trophy.
    Thus she became the first female judoka to win both the junior and senior National titles for the same year.
    Apart from the Open Contest, two other categories were played namely under 52 kgs and the under 61 kgs. The under 52 kgs category saw for the first time the participation of lady judokas from the Tigne Judo Club. Both Tigne's members were properly prepared and in fact they managed to secure the first and third placings.
    The under 61 Kgs was interesting due to the experienced participants. Here the decisive 'shiai' was the one between Laurie Pace and Sharyn Johnston, both from Kamikwai Judo Club. These two played very well using all their knowhow but in the end it was Laurie who emerged the winner by Ippon.
    The Association thanked the rector of St. Augustine's College for the loan of the gym and the Austin Judo Club for the orderly organization of the Championship.
    Here are the results:
    Under 52 Kgs: 1. Rose Farrugia (Tigne); 2. Muscat Marica (Tokai), 3. Jane Farrugia (Tigne).
    Under 61 Kgs: 1. Laurie Pace(Kamikwai), 2. Sharyn Johnston (Kamikwai), 3. Nathalie Vassallo (Kamikwai).
    Open: 1. Laurie Pace (Kamikwai), 2. Nathalie Borg (Zebbug), 3. MIchelle Grech (Kamikwai), 3. Marie Camenzuli (Tokai).