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19830127_Seven Gold medals for Laurie Pace

    Laurie Pace's seven gold medals were instrumental in helping the Kamikawi Judo Club, where she trains, win the coveted Judo Association Aggregate Shield thus becoming the leading Judo Club for 1982.
    This Shield was awarded to the Club whose members got the greatest number of gold medals (1st place) during competitions organized by the Judo Association. Through the year 1982, 51 such competitions were held and Kamikwai managed to carry 17 of them. The Kamikwai led by their hardworking founder Mario Giuliano and co-instructor, Chris Busuttil managed to beat their closest opponents, Tokai Judo Club, thanks mainly to their formidable Ladies Team led by Laurie Pace who also became the first lady to win both the Junior and Senior National  Championships.
    1983 however will be an interesting years since we expect a good turnout from the other five clubs on the island namely Austin, Hikai, Tigne, University and Zebbug, since they are gearing up their clubs to win this Aggregate Shield.
    The Judo Association thanks Mr. A. Buttigieg Depiro, their Honorary President, for sponsoring this magnificent shield.
    The results were as follows: Kamikawi J.C. 17; Tokai J.C. 16; Austin J.C. 6; Zebbug J.C. 5; Hikai J.C. 4; University J.C. 2; Tigne J.C.1.