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19850525_All Maltese Judokas eliminated

    The four judokas representing Malta in San Marino were all eliminated yesterday on the second day of competition.
    All the judokas proved to be inferior to the rest of the competitors, although it must be admitted that veteran Alex Bezzina managed Malta's single victory against Bayourte of Andorra in what proved to be a really tough section in the 86kg category. 
    The results of the categories where the Maltese were involved, were the following:
    65kg: Anthony Zammit lost to Beck of Liechtenstein Amador of Andorra and Pulcinelli of Luxembourg.
    71kg: Mark Zahra  lost to Wohlwend Leichtenstein, Fassian of Luxembourg and Nicolaou of Luxembourg as well.
    78kg: Godfrey Bezzina lost to Pelliccioni of San Marino (after a very good fight which he lost by one point) and lost to Frik of Liechtenstein.
    86kg: Alex Bezzina beat Bayourte of Andorra and lost to Scheffen of Luxembourg and Bessi of Monaco.
    French coach Gilles Gauthier said after the event that the Maltese could never match such superior opposition.
    The association, according to the Frenchman, should first plan to have a room where the judoaks can all meet and hold regular training sessions, after which there should certainly be an improvement.