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19880724_Judo demonstration with the best

    The unusual activity at the Strand in Sliema attracted several spectators. A lot of kids dressed in white Judo suits in coloured belts were very busy enjoying their favourite sport - Judo.
    This was special Judo Show organized by the Malta Judo Association, on the occasion of the visit of various Judo personalities from England. Roy Inmann accepted to brong four of England's best Judokas on a training session to Malta.
    His girls have been having a gruelling programme of training for the past months and they just came back from Spain where the European Championships were held. Roy wanted to go to a place where his girls could have a change from the wet weather and carry on with their training. Their selection was Malta.
     The British contingent consisted of Roy Inmann, 6th Dan, National British ladies Coach, Ann Hughes, 5th Dan, World Champion and the highest graded lady judoka in  the world, Diane Bell 4th Dan, World Champion, Sharon Randall 3rd Dan, World Champion, Sharon Lee  1st Dan European Champion.
    After the 80 odd judoaks warmed up with a display of "Ukemi" breakfalls, Roy Inman, wearing his rare red and white belt, symbol of his high ranking, together with Godfery Bezzina, 2dn Dan Maltese National Coach, introduced the principals of judo. He showed how a contest Judo is won.
    Either by throwing your opponent (Uki) with a throw, where he landscleanly on his back, holds Uki down in ground work (Ne-waza) for 30 seconds, or makes him submit with a 'Shime' (strange) or 'Kansetsu' (arm lock) 'Waza' technique. Roy Inmann also demonstrated how minor points were scored, like 'Wazari' (half score, 7 points), 'Yuko' (5 point) and 'Koka' (3 point).
    The young boys and girls then took turns in couples to show their ability in a 'Randori' (free practice). While the higher grades later explained the secrets of judo, showing that throwing another person depends only on practice and more practice, the show was concluded with a small demonstration of self defence much to the delight of the audience.
    The Zoizumi Judo Club and Okano Judo Club represented had occasion to distribute information on their club to those of the public who enquired. Jack Cook 2nd Dan. a great friend of Maltese Judo was also present.
    The great success of this event prompted the Malta Judo Association to hold more of these events in public areas around Malta.