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19930527_Competition in Gozo

    The medal hopes in the Judo competition lie mainly on nine Maltese judokas - six man and three ladies - who will be taking part in all categories.
    The competition will be held at the Gozo Sports Complex in Victoria.
    The Maltese squad is, however, formed of 12 athletes, but three ladies are not taking part because the other countries did not register any judokas in these categories.
    The men's team is composed of John Zammit, Joe Castillo, Jason Trevisan, Warren Azzopardi, Manwel Cassar and Silvio Cacciotollo. The three ladies who will contest their categories are Laurie Pace, Caroline Attard and Jackie Xuereb, while Vicky Licari and Debbie Mejlak are the three ladies who do not have opponents.
    The Maltese Association is expecting support from the Gozitan public during the one day event.
    The preparation for these games started a long time age and all those involved, especially MJA president Envic Galea, national coach Abdul Latif, Godfrey Bezzina and ladies team manager Lino Vassallo worked hard to offer a competitive squad in these games.