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19930620_Farsons honours gold medalists

    During a brief but meaningful metting at Farsons brewery. managing director, Mr Louis A. Farrugia, said that Farsons are proud of the results achieved by the six Maltese gold medal winners during the recently held Small Nations Games.
    Gold medallists Jean paul Fleri Soler (boardsailing), Jacqueline Xereb (judo), Chris Gatt and Gordon Asciak, Helen Asciak and Carol Curmi (tennis) were each presented with a cheque and a certificate of appreciation by Farsons' chairman, My Anthony Miceli Farrugia.
    "Winning Gold when facing international opposition is quite a feat. As a company exporting Maltese quality products to European countries, Farsons knows what it means achieving success in foreign markets notwithstanding stiff competition from internationally renowned brands.
    "Being one of the main sponsors of these Games, Farsons believes that the example set by winning gold for Malta will instil in younger athletes a determination to break this record of four gold medals," said Mr Farrugia.
    Also present were senior officials and representatives of the Malta Lawn Tennis Association, Malta Judo Association and the Malta Yachting Federation.