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19950618_Artist to Malta judo's rescue

    The Malta Judo Association had to spend Lm38,000 to prepare for the Games of the Small States of Europe. Thanks to the international judo community and sponsors, the MJA have managed to meet most of her expenses. However there is still Lm5,00 needed to break even. 
    Professor Sergio Bizzarri has come to the rescue of the MJA, agreeing to give the judo association a supportive hand. He has offered his painting collection for sale to help them meet their remaining expenses. Professor Bizzarri will comr to Malta to present his works of art which will be exhibited at the Malta Hilton Hotel in St Julian's today from 6-8pm.
    After their success in Luxembourg community and the Maltese to support them to meet their debts. Those interested can contact the MJA on tel: 319944 and fax: 318863 and ask for a brochure of the collection.