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19970611_Small is beautiful

    Well done to our athletes for their well deserved successes in the Small Nations Games held last week in Iceland. The odds were perhaps against our sports ambassadors who had to accustom themselves to unfamiliar temporal conditions in Iceland where the temperature is always cold.    
    Despite the adverse weather conditions, local sportsmen managed to show that where there is will and determination to succeed, any obstacle can be surpassed.  27 medals, including 5 gold and 10 silver makes Iceland 1997 the most successful for Malta ever.
    The gold medal won by Carol Galea probably prompted the greatest enthusiasm, without reducing the credit other golds medalists who all made us proud. Carol Galea is one of the most dedicated on the islands, a perfect model for the upcoming athletes.
    There is no doubting the success achieved in Judo, Table-tennis, Basket-ball and to lesser extent in swimming and in boardsailing.
    27 medals is deemed by many local followers as a very impressive feat for Malta, finishing fifth among all participants.
    The flattering comments made by Pippo Psaila, the Chef de-Mission and by Mr. Justice Lino Farrugia Sacco, Chairman of the MOC, both committed to seeing Maltese sport progressing further, were more than justified. As a keen sport follower, I was thrilled that Malta did fare well in these Games, especially after the disappointment of the Olympic Games in Atlanta and the failure in Luxembourg two years ago.
    This is clearly a time for rejoicing, but let us not be too euphoric and allow the sweet taste of success to remove us from reality. That would indeed be very dangerous, and sad, for Maltese sport. Maltese athletes would do very well to move away from the temptation that they have reached the pinnacle of their sporting career in Iceland. Worse, it is sad that some may be taking the view that it is time for them to quit. Their country needs them. The Small Nations Games are over, but the Commonwealth Games and the Mediterranean Games are on the horizon. One final point to reflect upon. As always our country is shedding its old and up and coming youth is taking over. Whilst thanking the old for all they have given to their country, we welcome the young and we wish them a bright and successful future. We depend on our local administrators to ensure our country's continued future success through the successes of our budding athletes.