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19980519_Euro judo championships

    During the past weekend national team judokas Jason Trevisan and Philip Camilleri Teliouk, were in Oviedo, Spain to take part in the European national championships.
    Also present for the occasion was MJA president and European Judo Union vice-president, Envic Galea.    
    Trevisan took part in the 73kg category while the young Camilleri participated in the 66kg.
    Both were close to make it through the early rounds, but, unfortunately for the Maltese duo, they were edged out by more experienced judokas  who, in fact, finished in the top places.
    Trevisan's opponent was Hungarian Csaba Gera who finished fifth overall from 27 athletes in the 73kg. Camilleri took the mat to face Dutch Petervan Kalken, the latter eventually winning a bronze medal for his country from among 29 judokas in the 66kg.
    In all, 350 judokas from all over Europe, were involved in this tournament which saw host country Spain topping the board with six medals - two gold, two silver and two bronze. Holland finished second with two gold, a silver medal and five bronze.
    The championships also saw the return to form of the Russians, winners of a gold medal after two years. England also made a comeback while the Italians finished with one gold and one silver medal.
    Grading sessions
    Two judo grading sessions for juniors and seniors were held last week at Pembroke and Corradino respectively. 
    On both occasions, the sessions took place under the charge of grading officer John Gera and examiners Envic Galea, Alex Bezzina, Godfrey Bezzina, Kamilla Peter and Chris Busuttil.
    The next grading session, open for judokas who are eyeing a Black Belt (First Dan), will take place on Sunday, May 31 at Coradino, the current headquarters for a new Budikwaj Club and also the place where the judo-national team is currently practising.
    Successful students
    Yellow belt: L. Attard, M. Attard, M. Cachia, O. Frendo, J. Mangion, C.Micallef, R. Micallef, S. Micallef, F. Paolella, D. Paolella, L. Scicluna, A. Staniland, J. Staniland, M. Urpani, N. Vella, J.Zammit, R. Zammit.
    Orange belt: E. Attard, M. Anastasi, J. Friggieri, A. Galea, K. Gouder, A. Tonna.
    Blue belt: D. Casha.
    Brown belt: D. Casha, J. Cutajar, K. Galea.
    Black belt(Fourth Dan): A.R. Latif.
    Black belt (Second Dan): A. Azzopardi, M. Cardona, S. Cacciatolo, S. Cristauro, W. Grima, J. Portelli, J. Sevasta, I. Zammit.