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19980726_Youth seminar in Ostia

    Since the Malta Judo Association president Mr Envic Galea has moved from the poat of European Judo Union sports director to vice president, he can concentrate more on youth development.
    Although part of his duties in the executive also included Youth, the direction committee felt that he should concentrate his attention on youth activities, the medical commission, the handicapped and Small Nations Games. 
    Last year the first Youth seminar was organised at the Italian Olympic Centre in Ostia, Rome. The reason for this seminar was to collect data on the methods of teaching youth and children in Europe.
    This first seminar, attended by 32 coaches, was considered a great success. Working on experience collected, the second seminar concentrated on activities on the Judo Mat (Tatami). 
    Ten top lecturers from as many countries were sent by their respective federations to illustrate the advanced techniques adopted in teaching Judo to young children. It was noticed that great attention was given to fun and safety. 
    This is perhaps why Judo is so advanced in this field. Dr Maximilian Jung from Switzerland, a specialist orthopaedic traumatologist, gave a synthesis on methods adopted in Switzerland in approaching children suffering from asthma, dietary concepts and why exercises in power building are useless in young children and why Judo is so useful at the very young age. 
    Peter Gardner, national coach of Denmark with a great experience of pedagogy for young children, thrilled the participants - who were not all so young - with various games designed to enhance skill and alertness.
    High level judokas of 6th and 7th Dan level were busy tieing each other with belts and slapping each other as part of these games. 
    Ralph Lippmann, lecturer at the Physical Education University of Cologne, also showed various techniques taught to German Judo coaches. 
    Other lecturers who participated in this seminar were Didier Janicot (France), Domagata Eugene (France). Capelletti Franco (Italy), Sanchez Jesus (Spain) and Rosa Rui (Portugal). 
    The Malta Judo Association coincided its Youth coaching seminar with this weekend and thanks to assistance from AirMalta, 11 coaches spent a week reviewing methods of teaching youth under the expert guidance of Maestro Monti and Maestro Tavolucci. The policy of the MJA has always been that only the best coaches are to teach children.
    On Friday, these coaches joined the other European coaches in the weekend seminar. The comments of all the participants were that this year's seminar was more entertaining than last year which has already been considered a great success.
    The Malta Judo Association's participation at the seminar became a possibility through the help of AirMalta, the Malta Olympic Committee and the Italian Judo Federation. 
    It is hoped that this event will become an annual activity.
     Summer Judo Lessons for children have resumed on Tuesdays and Thursdays (5.30pm and 7pm) Pembroke. Anyone interested should contact the MJA (Vicky Licari on 319944/5 office hours and 2pm).