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19980730_Maltese judo coaches in Rome seminar

    In its bid to enhance the coaching and teaching of judo to beginners and juniors, the Malta Judo Association (MJA) recently organised a week-long training stage for its youth coaches.
    The MJA, in collaboration with the Italian Judo Federation,  the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), The Malta Olympic Committee (MOC) and the European Judo Union, organised the first intensive seminar at the Centro Olimpico Ostia in Rome, where the Italian Federation prepared its International and Olympic athletes and coaches.
    The dates of this seminar were selected to coincide with the second European Youth and Children Judo Seminar which were also held in Ostia.
    The Italian Judo Federation assigned two top Italian coaches, Alfredo Monti, who is responsible for the sports group Carabinieri, and Maestro Tavolucci, a long time instructor of the Judo Academy, to accompany and help their Maltese counterparts.
    In the first four days the Maltese coaches went through general revision to adjourn to the current standards.
    On the fifth day of the programme, the coaches joined 42 others for the second seminar on teaching judo to children and youths.
    Expert coaches
    Envic galea, vice-president of the European Judo Youth Affairs, invited ten specialist coaches who demonstrated and lectured on the following subjects:
    General Pedagogy five to 15 years - Janicot Didier (France); Self Defence and Taiso, for adolescents - Eugene Domagata (France); Approach to competition for children Ralf Lippmann(Germany); Judo for Girls up to 14 years - Kristina Pekkola (Sweden); First strps in Judo - joining a club introducing judo - Franco Capelletti (Italy); Introduction to refereeing for children - Jesus Sanchez (Spain); Judo Games five to 12 years - Peter Gardner (Denmark); Judo College - Tonio Caudullo (Italy); Medical Aspects for children - Dr Maximilian Jung (Switzerland); Dan Grading in Europe - Jean-Luc Rouge (France); and Teaching Teachers - Rui Rosa (Portugal).
    The seminar was very useful for all those involve as it introduced them to fresh, new and pleasant ways in teaching judo.
    This experience has injected fresh enthusiasm in Maltese coached, who conduct summer sessions of Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
    Those interested in joining may obtain more information by phoning 319944/5 (office hours from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).