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19980828_Maltacom sponsorship for three associations

    Maltacom will be the main sponsor of the Gozi Football Association, the Malta Billiards and Snooker Association and the Malta Judo Association.
    An agreement was signed earlier this week during a ceremony at the Maltacom offices in Blata l-Bajda.
    Earlier in the month, Maltacom had signed an extension of the sponsorship agreement with the MFA for its national teams.
    My Tony Meilaq, chairman of Maltacom, said the agreement with the GFA included a clause whereby Kartanzjan holders and disabled persons will be able to watch matches free of charge. Moreover, Maltacom was also providing financial aid to the Gozo club nurseries towards the development of the GFA's youth sector.
    The agreements with the MBSA and the Judo association mainly concern help to the nurseries of the two bodies.
    Mr Meilaq said Maltacom was proud to have among its employees Alex Borg and John Zammit as well as several footballers. "They have not only made a name for themselves, but also for their associations and the country," he said.
    Dr Chris Said, Joe Micallef and Tonio Ellis (GFA), Alex Bezzina and Mario Cardona (MJA), as well as Dr Ronald Cuschieri and Benny Pace (MBSA), signed the agreements on behalf of the associations.
    Mr Meilaq and general manager Joe Azzopardi signed on bahalf of Maltacom.