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19981011_Judo nursery classes to open on 24 October

    Work in Malta Judo Federation Headquarters is underway at a speedier pace, in order to meet the target date when the nursery classes start on Saturday 24 October and the national team starts peaking up on 26 October for the Pre Nationals, National Championships and the Malta Open.
    After the terrible day of 12 March, when arsonists had burned down the headquarters of the then MJA we had spent Lm5,000 to refurbish the place.
    The 100-year walls had to be scraped down to the stone and a new electricity system had to be installed. Lastly the woodwork and glazing had to be stripped and redone. As a precaution, metal framing was installed in the windows for better security.
    After all the debris left will be cleared up, the wooden platform on which the Judo mats rest, has to be mounted. The fire brigade had damaged this platform in their fight to control the fire thus it has to be reconstructed.
    In the meantime, in preparation for the start of the Judo Nursery season, a meeting has been called for all instructors.    
    Also this year, classes will be held on Saturdays, Starting on 24 October for ages five to eight years, five to 12 years and 12 to 16 years.
    Those interested to join can call Vicky Cutajar Licari on 319944/5 (office hours).