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19981020_Judo nursery to start on Saturday

    The Malta Judo Federation (MJF) recently held an important meeting for the youth coaches under the supervision of the sports director Alex Bezzina. The main discussion was the upcoming season of the nursery starting on Saturday.
    All these coaches have attended a refresher course last July in Ostia Rome under the supervision of the best coaches in Europe among whom were Jean Luc Rouge, Eugene Domagata and Dr Maximilian Jung.
    The latter is a specialist orthopaedic traumatologist who gave a synthesis on methods adopted in Switzerland in approaching children suffering from asthma, dietary concepts, and why exercises in power building are useless in young children and why judo is useful at a very young age.
    The themes discussed were:
    The Judo Club, the essence of the future of judo; competition for youth; judo for children of the mat; schools for judo; hygiene in judo; pedagogy on the mat.
    The course involved active judo on the mat with various other lecturers from Europe. Judo is fast becoming the leading sport for children and the emphasis is on discipline, safety, mobility, alertness, coordination and the formation of the character. 
    The first term of the Judo Nursery will resume on Saturday at the newly refurbished gym in Pembroke.
    Anyone interested in joining, should contact the Malta Judo Association (MJA) (Vicky Cutajar Licari on 319944/5 office hours 9am to 5pm).