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19981227_Air Malta judo championships

    The Malta Judo Federation has organised the last competition of the year - the Air Malta championship at Chrismas.
    Air Malta plc and Michael Attard Ltd, agents for Peugeot in Malta, supported the event, held in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary for Sport Jesmond Mugliett and Air Malta chairman Louis Grech.
    Next month, the judo national team will have to start peaking for their final preparations in view of the Games for the European Small States in Liechtenstein at the end of May.
    The association is to hold an intensive training programme next month in preparation for the national championships, to be held in February.
    Also in February,  the national team will be taking part in the Paris Open, where more than 600 athletes from all over the world will be raking part.
    In March, over 60 selected athletes will be invited to take part in the 15th Maltacom International Open tournament.    
    Most of these athletes will remain here for a week of training with the national team.
    Two weeks later, the Maltese team will take part in the Citta di Roma international event and training stage at the CONI/FILPJK international training centre.
    April is expected to be dedicated to the fine tuning of competition technqiues in Malta, possibly with the participation in a triangular tournament also involving Sicily and Tunisia and organised by the Malta Olympic Committee.
    The final stage of preparation for the Maltese team will be at the international centre in Ostia, judo outside Rome, where those to take part in the Liechtenstein Games will be undergoing  their final stage of preparation with the Italian national team.
    All these activities involve a heavy expense and the association is hoping that the Maltese commercial community will give its support in sponsoring the programme, this enabling the federation to keep Malta's flag flying high in the highest places of competition, especially at the Small Nations Games. 
     Meanwhile Ju-jitsu and Kendo have been integrated within the federation.
    Next month, John Sevasta, the Ju-jitsu technical director, will be attending a world seminar in Italy.
    The Kendo association will be inviting a Japanese Master to prepare the Kendokas for the first national championships in February. 
    All those interested in joining Judo, Ju-Jitsu or Kendo are invited to call the federation on 319944