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19990521_Judo featured in last GSSE programme

    The seventh and the last programme in the TV series "Liechtenstein '99", deals with the last preparations by the national judo squad before leaving for Liechtenstein on Sunday.
    Malta topped the winners' list in this sport during the last edition of the Games in Iceland two years ago. In fact, our judokas each won a medal in the eight categories they took part in garnering: three gold; three silver and two bronze augmenting the already impressive total in seven editions of the GSSE to give gold; eight silver and 11 bronze.
    The judo team this time is a mixture of youth and experience. The three gold medal winners will not be defending their medals: Jacke Xuereb, three times gold medallist has given up the sport; Kamilla Peter has been away from the Island for some time while John Zammit has inverted his role from competitor to administrator. In fact, he is the assistant national coach. 
    However, Jason Trevisan and Laurie pace will make use of all their experience as they battle it our for that elusive gold medal they have been yearning for. Will it be a case of fourth time lucky?
    It is a pity that another certain medal winner, Silvano Cristauro, was injured during a training camp abroad and he has been ruled out of competition in Liechtenstein.
    Viewers will be able to hear more about the prospects in Lichtenstein in this sport through a series of interviews with Envic Galea and Sergei Teliouk, president and coach of the association as well as John Zammit, Jason Trevisan and Laurie Pace.
    Mr Justice Lino Farrugia Sacco, chairman of the MOC, will be the special guest giving viewers a round-up of the final preparations as well as of Malta's bid to host the Games in the year 2003.
    "Liechtenstein'99" which is prepared and presented by Lewis Portelli, will be broadcast on PBS TV tomorrow at 7.20 p.m. the very eve of the Maltese contingent's departure for Liechtenstein.