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20000524_Zammit goes to the origins of judo

    The Kodokan Institute, founded by Jigaro Kno in 1882, is still an international Mecca for judokas.
    Until a few years ago it was to highest authority issuing Black Belts and high level gradings.
    Kano was an educator who gave Japan a modern trend in sport. He was the first president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, and the founder of the Japanese Athletics Association.
    Although the Kodokan Institute is more than 100 years old, it is still and important institutional guardian of the standards of judo.
    The Kodokan Institute recently organised a 10-day seminar for top level coaches from western Europe. Malta was one of ten countries invited.
    The Malta Judo Federation decided to send national team manager John Zammit, gold medalist in the GSSE in Iceland.
    The seminal was held in the Kodokan Institute headquarters in Tokyo. The participants had the opportunity to attend the Japan Olen and the All Japan Championships.    
    These events were held at the Budocentre, the Sports Theatre where the Olympic Games of Judo were held for the first time in 1964. 
    Zammit had a great opportunity to revise the basic techniques and Kata under supervision of top judokas  such as Matsumura Shigeya (8th Dan) world champion and groundwork specialist.
    Zammit will now hold a revision course together with Alex Bezzina, sports director of the federation, for the benefit of the Maltese judo coaches.