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20000824_Black Belt Academy established

    The first meeting of the Black Belt Academy was recently held at the Hibernianas Judo Club in Kordin, where a training session was held and certificates distributed.    
    The higest graded Italian black belt, Franco Capelletti, took the Malta Judo Federation's 18 black belts and brown belts through some advanced judo techniques on the judo mat.
    Mr Capelletti, 8th Dan, and the coach of the first Italian to win an Olympic Gold Medal in judo, Ezio Gamba, elaborated on groundwork and standing techniques, apparently very simple but requiring a lot of practice to master. 
    Various international Dan grades certificates were also distributed by Mr Capelletti, who is the sports director of the European Judo Union, and Envic Galea, the president of the federation.
    Among those receiving a certificate was Reno Portelli, who passed away two years ago. This certificate was presented posthumously to his wife Elieen, who also received her second Dan certificate. 
    Mr Galea himself was awarded the 6th Dan on the basis of his contribution to the development of judo in Europe. He holds the post of European representative on the International Judo Federation Education Committee. 
    Mr Capelletti also presented his own red and white belt, with his name embroidered on it - previously presented to him by the Mecca of Judo, the Kodokan of Japan - to Mr Galea as a symbol of friendship between the two.    
    Mr Capelletti was also nominated as life honorary member of the federation and patron of the MJF Black Belt Academy.
    The academy comprises: Franco Capelletti, patron; Envic Galea, president; Alex Bezzina, sports director; Mario Cardona, secretary; and members: John Zammit, Eileen Portelli, Manuel Cassar, Ivan Zammit.