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06/11 - Games of Small States of Europe LIE

The Judo Team from Malta was composed of Brent Law 60kgs, Jeremy Saywell 66kgs, Joanna Camilleri 57kgs, Marcon Bezzina 63kgs, Alex Bezzina Coach and Lamberto Raffi Coach.
Brent Law won the silver medal. He won his first fight against Kelpis Irodotos CYP. He lost his second fight against Schmit Tom LUX. Brent then beat Monn Yves LIE (placed 3rd) (2009 GSSE -60kg 2nd, 2007 GSSE -60kg 3rd). His final match was against the winner of the category Siccardi Yann MON (2011 ECup BIH -60kg 7th, 2010 World Cup ESP -60kg 7th, 2009 GSSE -60kg 1st, 2007 GSSE -60kg 1st, 2005 GSSE -60kg 3rd, 2003 GSSE -60kg 3rd).
Jeremy Saywell won the silver medal. He was drawn bye in the first round. In his second bout, he eliminated Garcia Gonzales Daniel AND (placed 5th) (2009 GSSE -66kgs 3rd, 2005 GSSE -66kgs 3rd) in about 7 seconds with one of the nicest ippons of the day. His final bout was against Krassas Andreas CYP, who eventually won gold (2009 EC Junior -60kgs 7th, 2009 ECup Jnr GRE -60kg 2nd, 2007 GSSE -60kg 2nd).
Joanna Camilleri won the bronze medal. She was beaten by the eventual gold medallist Durbach Manon LUX (2007 GSSE -57kgs 3rd). She then beat Biedermann Judith LIE. In her 3rd fight, Joanna lost her fight with a yuko against the silver medallist Allag Sophia MON. In her final fight, Joanna beat Dimosthenous Marilena CYP (2007 GSSE -57kg 3rd) winning the bronze medal.
Marcon Bezzina placed 5th. She dislocated her elbow in her 1st fight vs Arendt Charlotte LUX (placed 3rd) (2007 GSSE -57 2nd, 2009 ECup FIN -57 2nd). That didn't stop her from continuing fighting. She fought the 2nd fight practically using 1 hand and in pain, and lost due to non combativity vs Salles Lopez Laura AND (placed 2nd) (2010 ECup ESP -63 2nd, 2009 GSSE  -63 1st, 2007 GSSE -63 2nd) . By the 3rd fight, her pain killers had kicked in, and she was back in shape to fight. She strangled Bonnet Anne-Laure MON who finally won gold in this edition after trying for gold at 3 editions and changing 2 categories (2009 GSSE -70 2nd, 2007 GSSE -70 3rd, 2005 GSSE -63 3rd). In her 4th fight, she was controlling her opponenet well, when her elbow got dislocated again during and did not let her concentrate enough to win Biedermann Regina LIE. 22 seconds away from the final she committed a foul which awarded the match to LIE.
At the team championships,the technical team considered the injury of Marcon Bezzina and the minor injury of Brent Law, and decided not to participate in the team event.