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02/11 - Refereeing Update with Maestro Sulli

Maestro Massimo Sulli, one of the top judo referees in the world and the godfather of the Maltese referees, was invited to Malta for a refereeing update and the examination of the aspirant referees.
Although Sulli's invitation was mainly aimed at our referees, our national team also had the opportunity to have a session with him. Sulli was a high profile athlete, winning 5th place in Barcelona Olympic Games, 3rd in the World Military Games and was unbeaten at the Italian National Championships between 1983 and 1991. He is now one of the team of top coaches at the Fiamme Gialle, training high level athletes such as Giulia Quintavalle - Olympic Gold Medalist in Beijing.  Maestro Sulli's invitation was mainly
The weekend was concluded with a Shiai Tournament organised by the Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club at the Kordin Sports Pavilion.