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120328 - Ernest Gainey passes away

Ernest Gainey, a judoka who was very helpful to our pioneer Judoka, amongst them Joe Caruana our Founder, in the initial stages of Judo, passed away. 
He will be dearly missed by his family and son Nick who recently paid us a visit when he and his wife were here on holiday.

Extract from the History of Maltese Judo:
Judo was comparatively unknown in Malta until the 1950’s and then the little Judo that was practised was more a discipline than a sport. In fact, it was practised by the services alongside with Karate and jujitsu.
The small group of servicemen that practised this sport often allowed civilians to join them in training.
One such serviceman, Mr. Ernest Gainy, allowed Joe Caruana to join one of these classes in 1970. As Black Belt 1st Dan, Joe Caruana called the first informal Judo Committee at the Zabbar Physical Culture Club. Two students of Joe Caruana, Tony Tanti and Envic Galea opened three other Judo Clubs in 1971.