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120728 - London OG

Marcon was on the final list of IJF invitations for London Olympics

At every Olympic Games, the International Judo Federation selects 20 Judoka from the 200 judo federations around the world who did not qualify through the official qualification, but who still got noticed during the Olympiad. This list included our Marcon Bezzina who was on an Olympic Solidarity Fund and also was on the IJF World Ranking List. The IOC refused to include her as Malta had an average of 6.5 athletes. This average is calculated by taking the number of athletes who participated in the last two Olympic Games. Malta had 7 athletes in Athens and 6 in Beijing; therefore the Malta did not qualify for an invitation. This decision was a hard blow for Marcon, the Judo Federation and the MOC, as this meant that since the Olympic Games of Seoul in 1988, a Judoka was not part of the Maltese Olympic Team.

Though the federation didn't make it to the Maltese Olympic Team, it was still represented in London by 2 of its officials. The President of the Malta Judo Federation, Envic Galea, who has served on the Executive Committee of the European Judo Union since 1991, was in London as Executive Member of the IJF for the Games. Louisa Galea, General Secretary of the Malta Judo Federation, went up to London to volunteer at the Games. She was assigned to the IF Service Team, where her job involved assisting in the protocol of the President of the International Judo Federation. 

Some pictures from the London 2012 Experience