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Why do Judo?

  • Vanessa Frazier, Permanent Representative of Malta to the United Nations & ex Malta Judo Squad member, said "There are so many lessons we learn from judo. I could go on and on"

    • "Judo teaches you discipline, commitment, teamwork and many other principles that are vital for a healthy and successful life"

    • "Judo has also taught me that “there’s always a way’. In most Judo classes, your Sensei is making you work, and he or she will generally try and match you up with a bigger/tougher partner. So much of the time you’ll end up with some guy twice your weight! It is fair to say that at some point you’ll land flat on your back. These are the moments in which you are taught that there is always a way out, that there is always something else to try, and that the only person who can help you is the person inside of you......"

    • "And judo teaches you respect!"

    • "You bow at the start and end of every session and/or randori or shiai because you thank your senseis / opponent for the time s/he will spend with you and for what you have learnt during that time together"

    • "You learn the so called ‘white belt mentality ’ that is that the colour of your grit does not matter. 1) your obi is just there to keep your gi in place and 2)no matter how high your Dan grade you can always learn from a lower grade"

  • Joseph Castillo, MJF Education Director, Club Leader, and parent:

    • "Judo - a physical activity for all"

    • "True leadership and management is based on Judo philosophy"

  • Donald Bezzina, Parent: "Judo is a way of life, not just a sport!"