How do you learn Judo?

These might be questions prospective students or parents of students might be asking. Judo is practiced wearing a judogi (judo jacket, trousers and belt) in a dojo (judo hall) on tatami (judo mat).

Why Judo?

Judo is unique in many ways to other sports. First, a session or a contest starts with a bow, which is different than many other sports in the western world. This instils the value of respect. Second, in martial arts, students are thought how to punch and kick. In Judo, one of the first lessons is how to fall, and get up again. Apart from physically learning how to fall and get up again, this is also learnt mentally. This strength will help through many challenges in life.

How do you win a contest?

We compiled some videos produced by euronews and the IJF to understand how to score an Ippon (full points) and why would you receive penalties (shido).

What about the uniform?

Judo is practiced in Judogi. The judogi was the first martial art modern training outfit in the world and therefore shaped the perception we have today of some combat sports, both Japanese and those native to other countries. It is generally thicker and heavier than training uniforms from other martial arts, because it is intended to be gripped and used in throwing techniques.
Read the article on the IJF Website, to get more info about the Judogi: Judogi much more than armour and the Belt: the Belt - myth and reality of an essential symbol.

Introduction to Judo

Judo techniques

Advanced judo techniques