Change 4 Life through Sports (EUPA 2016)

Among 15-30 year olds, 38% regularly go for a walk, bike ride or engage in other sport activities during their leisure time. However, the percentage of Maltese young people who regularly play sports during their leisure time is relatively low when compared with other European countries. - The Maltese National Youth Policy. The Malta Independent on the 24th September 2015 confirmed this with the article "It's official:The Maltese are the fattest in all of the European Union".
The Malta Judo Academy is a judo club out of 6 Judo clubs in Malta, that is working not only on Judo but helping youth in society including the problem of obesity in Malta. Change 4 life through Sports will target especially Maltese youth with no background of sports, suffer from obesity, suffer from bullying or discrimination and people with disability or other difficulties to help them discover sports as a way of life. This Project is based on an 8 day youth exchange, 60 participants bringing together different European countries to share their experience and learn through discussions, videos, role-plays, cultural activities and team work.
objectives of the project are: Sports in General Healthy lifestyle - mental and physical; Disabilities - special needs experience; Active citizenship; Social inclusion and Solidarity; Tolerance; Friendship; Sincerity; Courage; and Different Cultures. By the end of this project, the participant will have the experience how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, how sports will keep them active not only physically but also as an active citizenship, the ability to work in a team and to cope with conflicts.

Participants in group photo in front of Inspire

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Matthew Agius, our designer, wanted to show the commitment and discipline by Judoka to change life through sports, by including the Judo belt knot, in the shape of 4.

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