Sport E-Learning for Inclusion
(VOPS 2017)

JudoSelfi is a project sponsored by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

The ultimate aim of this project is the inclusion of several types of special needs children and youths in the participation of Judo training sessions with other athletes. Our target groups will be youths and children with Social and Intellectual disorders, the visually impaired, and the disadvantaged.

The theoretical material for this course, can be downloaded through our dropbox link.

  1. Disadvantages Youths

  2. Judo for the Blind

  3. Children and Youths with Social and Intellectual Disorders

The workshop material for this course, can be downloaded through the following links:

Relive the experience

The logo

SELFI, the abbreviation of the project, means Sport E-Learning for Inclusion. The idea behind the logo was that the mechanical wheels are joined in clockwork. The wheels are powered by the mind, a good healthy diet, strength and technique.